Policies to Control Inflation Study notes.

Promoting Self-Directed Revision in EFL Writing Classes

Why is high inflation a problem? Study notes. To what extent should full-employment be the main macro policy objective?

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Popular Content. Writing about the assignment Hand out the assignment for an upcoming paper during class time and have students write 1 what they understand, and 2 questions. Give them time to ask questions in class. In the ensuing discussion, tell students about some successful and unsuccessful approaches from previous semesters. Partner or group work Setting aside a few minutes in class for students to talk with each other about their writing can be beneficial.


Promoting Self-Directed Revision in EFL Writing Classes

Asking students to compose together—perhaps a sample introduction or a body paragraph—can also help students to discuss and internalize the concrete strategies of good writing. Writing Guides Most professors can name four or five qualities that distinguish good undergraduate papers.

This handout can greatly enhance the discussion of writing in your course. Highlighting writing and thinking skills during lecture or discussion During lecture or discussion, most professors model some of the skills needed to write good papers: framing questions, analyzing data, considering alternate views, etc. These moments of modeling can be made more effective if you call attention to them, especially if you echo the language of your Writing Guide.

Using sample student papers Just handing out a good example from a previous semester will help some students produce better papers. You can enhance the effect by taking one minute to explain what you like about the sample.

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  4. If students read the paper for homework, and you explain what you like the next day, they will be in the best position to understand your emphasis. Selecting excerpts to highlight techniques A variation on using an entire sample paper is to discuss one or more brief excerpts that illustrate a technique you want students to employ.

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    A few more tips: When you read out-loud, make sure to slow down. If you are talking too fast, you might fill-in gaps or otherwise not notice things you want to change. Have another person read to you.

    • Promoting Self-Directed Revision in EFL Writing Classes.
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    It can be really helpful to hear your writing in another person's voice. This might help you hear your writing in a different way than when you read silently in your head.

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    If there's nobody around, there are also many computer programs that can convert text to speech and read to you, including Microsoft Word. Take notes while you read.

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    While you might want to fix things as you read, if you're worried about flow, it's also good to read your essay all the way through so that you can hear how parts fit together. If you don't want to interrupt your reading, you can take notes by doing things like putting a checkmark in the margins, using a highlighter, or making a list on a separate sheet of paper.

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    Structure and Sequence Sometimes issues of flow and cohesion might actually be structural. Paper Skeleton Reverse Outline Sign-Posting and Transitions A great way to help readers comprehend the flow of ideas is include things like sign-posts and transitions.


    What is the purpose or main idea that you want to get across in a specific paragraph? Try starting a sentence by writing "In this paragraph, I will discuss How does this paragraph relate to the one that comes immediately after? This paragraph supports my argument because While I discuss [previous idea or concept] above, I will now talk about [new idea or concept] because Our request IS that you DO a review of the data.